Arno in piena a Pisa, 1 febbraio 2014

Situazione Arno in piena a Pisa: le foto dal Ponte di Mezzo.
1 febbraio 2014, orario 14:30 circa.
Il peggio per ora è passato.

Foto piena arno pisa 2014

Foto del livello del fiume Arno dal ponte di mezzo a Pisa.

Foto piena arno pisa 2014

Foto del livello del fiume Arno visto dal lungarno, vicino al ponte di mezzo a Pisa.

Foto piena arno pisa 2014

Foto del livello del fiume Arno visto dal ponte di mezzo a Pisa.


Street Lights

Imagine yourself fallen into a dust and smog cloud, horn and tire noise, loud roaring, lost on a median island pretty in the middle of nowhere… If you feel excited about such a situation (I had a lot of fun, indeed, but remember, I’m a crazy one :) ), then you should try taking some pictures like these. Below each photograph, ISO, focal length (for APS-C), aperture and time values are specified.

milla kazimirISO 200, 18mm, f/10 @ 20sec

graffiti street art italy
ISO 200, 55mm, f/10 @ 10sec – Unknown Graffiti Tag/Crew

how to photograph city lights at night
ISO 200,  42mm, f/32 @ 30 sec

long exposure photography highway lights
ISO 200, 21mm, f/18 @ 20sec
During the first 2-3 seconds of total shooting time I accidentally moved the tripod :D


Existentialism Series

Finally, I created a new page on my Official Website. It’s called “Existentialism” and includes an unreleased collection of some of my photography artworks. LINK: Existentialism

Now the first work is Existence: there are many photos, as well as a poetry in English and French. “Existence” is dedicated to feelings and thoughts, reflections, questions, dilemma about human conditions in post-modern era, in relation to nature (seawater, waves and sunset) and urban places (underpasses, with their typical light/shadow situations). Consider these images as a time suspension, a moment to stay in silence with your inner side trying to feel yourself calm and quite.

“Existence” had to be published on a book, but I couldn’t find anything really affordable regarding print and distribution systems, so I ended up publishing it on Internet, free to everyone with an available Internet connection. Please share to friends, even if they are not connected!
Thank you, reader! Have a nice life!

On Shooting Set (January, 2013)

Last month I had the opportunity to work on a shooting with model Genny BlackAngel, a nice and mysterious girl with Latin origins. This set is part of a personal project about human condition and sense of existence. Huge problems, urgent questioning, the sense of life is still an obscure and never-ending labyrinth to me. But the show must go on…

Jumping Genny Genny_White Genny_Green&Cream


Ottodix live show @ Exenzia Club (Prato, Italy) on Feb. 2nd, 2013. This live show was perfect to try some new top-secret techniques…….. :D
Enjoy, so far…
Ottodix (1)

Ottodix (8)

Ottodix (4)

Ottodix (7)

Ottodix (5)

Ottodix (6)

Ottodix (3)

Ottodix (2)

A day on the snow 4 – Oddities

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. Fourth and last post about strange things seen during this amazing trip in Val di Luce.

Funny snowmen…
Smiling snow

I am the King

Simply playing
A ski lift chair


Ice breaking teeth of a snow removal machine


Conversation between two ski helmets…


What? A sand bucket?!

Resort Val di Luce

A warm bath? :D

Hidden eye

See you next time – it’ll be your turn on the ski, baby… so say goodbye to your camera!!!

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A day on the snow 3 – Freestyle & Children

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. Third post is about freestyle and brave children. Few people were using this little snow park, but I managed to shoot some tricks anyway…

freestyle abetone val di luce

Sci freestyle Val di Luce

Pipe Val di Luce

Freestyle Val di Luce

Camposcuola snowboard Val di Luce Abetone

Skiing kid on pipe

Skiing all alone

Conveyor belt for sleds

Sliding on his bottom!

A day on the snow 2 – People

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. This post is dedicated to people and their interaction with skiing tools and the nature.

Learning to snowboard_1

Learning to snowboard

Learning to snowboard

Together is better ;)

Help needed

Help needed?

Kissing the sunlight

Yes, we had hot temperatures on that day!

Heading to the cafè

Hard life… Ok, now let’s go for a drink…

Having relax

Or maybe let’s take a nap and go sunbathing… :D (I think she was the most photographed subject of the day)[to be continued...]
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A day on the snow 1 – Nature & Places

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. The place is called Val di Luce, in Northern Tuscany (Italy), near Abetone. Some pictures of this lovely skiing location…
Val di Luce Abetone

Gruppo montagne_Abetone

Mountains on the left

Comete immaginarie_Abetone

Seggiovia Val di Luce

One of the ski lift facilities. And two people on the top?? :D

Arcobaleno nelle nuvole Val di Luce

Mountains on the right. At sunset clouds were drawing a rainbow.

Ruscelli Val di Luce

Small river into the forest…

[to be continued...]

Visions from “Francis Bacon and the Existential Condition in Contemporary Art” Exhibition

Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina, Florence (Oct. 5th, 2012 to Jan. 27th, 2013; Artists: Francis Bacon, Nathalie Djurberg, Adrian Ghenie, Chiharu Shiota, Annegret Soltau, Arcangelo Sassolino)

Maybe in the last months my inspirations come almost completely from issues and questions about existentialism and moral human condition, considering also the global crisis period, or maybe having met Francis Bacon had a deep impact, long time ago while being an art student, on reasons of my art need, this exhibition fell on the right time, therefore a visit was peremptory.

Some details from Francis Bacon works, in particular his paint technique:

Francis Bacon  Technique

Francis Bacon - Untitled (Three Figures) 1981

Francis Bacon - Seated Figure 1974

Reflection Self-portrait with Francis Bacon painting

The exhibition section about materials used by Francis Bacon for his works is pretty special. One cannot really understand an artist, both from past times and contemporary, without having an idea about his lifestyle, his friends, his sources of inspiration, and through this exhibition you can get a general knowledge about the photographs, the microsurgery books, the magazines Francis Bacon used.

Nathalie Djurberg
The Swedish artist uses plasticine figures which act into stop motion technique movies to let pour out human relation dynamics, often well buried into people’s mind. Visitors can watch her movies from within narrow spaces, like a cave or a small wood house for children, involving also a real physical change of perspective for adults.

Nathalie Djurberg - Das Waldhäuschen_Flux1

Nathalie Djurberg - Das Waldhäuschen_Flux2

Nathalie Djurberg -Jag sysslar givetvis med trolleri_Flux1 Nathalie Djurberg -Jag sysslar givetvis med trolleri_Flux2

Nathalie Djurberg -Jag sysslar givetvis med trolleri_Flux3 Nathalie Djurberg -Jag sysslar givetvis med trolleri_Flux4

Adrian Ghenie
Visual subtraction of fundamental historical characters and transfiguration of pop themes from last century are magically spread and mixed into large canvas. Definitely my favorite artist within the exhibition.

Adrian Ghenie - Particolar from a Pie Fight Study

Adrian Ghenie - Self Portrait as a Monkey

Annegret Soltau
Collage of sewed photographs, performance with black filaments connecting people, the constriction of the thread onto the body.

Annegret Soltau_Selbst

Annegret Soltau - Selbst Annegret Soltau - Photosewings

Chiharu Shiota
The Japanese artist realizes site-specific installations using black thin wool threads which trap things like a spider’s web. Silence, fixed time and limited space of the installation crystallize into the visitor’s path, from a sense of littleness for the human being along the way to the sense of lost time when leaving the installation room.

Chiharu Shiota - Detail from installation into CCC Strozzina, Florence

Chiharu Shiota - Installation in Florence

Francis Bacon and  Chiharu Shiota_Contamination

Arcangelo Sassolino
The extreme tension between physically possible and unpredictable material breaking are explored into his installation, specifically set up for Strozzina Center. Visitors can face directly the piston drive, its movement and the produced sound, until the final tension release.

Arcangelo Sassolino - Detail of installation in Florence

Arcangelo Sassolino - Detail of specific installation in Florence Arcangelo Sassolino - Pressure

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