Exhibition: Smartphone Photography in Art Gallery

Artwork by Milla Kazimir

Inner Travel Artwork by Milla Kazimir

Inner Travel artwork will be presented at WikiArte Gallery in Bologna for a collective exhibition, Jan. 4th to 23rd 2014. This is not a simple mixed-media artwork composed by photographic paper glued on a painted canvas, it aims at representing the role of mobile or cellphone photography into the contemporary art gallery system. Moreover it is also a symbolic representation of a journey towards and inside a mixture of dimensions. On a white canvas, within a black windy frame, lay nine photos printed on glossy paper. They were taken during a travel by train from Pisa to Rome through a smartphone camera, and shared on Facebook and Twitter in real-time. The low resolution and low specs of the mobile camera were fundamental, because I wanted to highlight movement and long exposure effects to create a fusion of time and space, a fluid closed container.
I was particularly happy when I knew that my artwork had been selected for the collective exhibition Premio Expo Bologna 2014, because my purpose was to present mobile photography in a classical environment, such as a contemporary art gallery.

Vernice Video, Jan. 4th, 2014 6PM at Wikiarte Gallery
Vernice Photos, Jan. 4th, 2014 6PM at Wikiarte Gallery

Due to better and better technology applied to cameras embedded into smartphone and tablet mostly everyone can obtain quality results and, most important factor, can share it pretty immediately on social profiles. The expression “I share, therefore I am” (cit. Sherry Turkle) is now evident anywhere, anytime: just consider David Cameron, Barack Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt taking a selfie during Mandela memorial service, or that (mostly) anyone can take part to the iPhone Photography award. Smartphone and mobile photography is now considered an artform, but can we consider it already outdated? I am posing myself this question, because Google Glass use is definitely going to redefine photography in the next future.

Some Mobile Photography Exhibitions around the world, past and present:
BW San Francisco – #BWSANFRANCISCO (June 2013)
Mobile Photo Paris (November 2012)
TOrino TRue (October 2011)
Dirk Vogel et al. in Milan (November 2004)

A day on the snow 4 – Oddities

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. Fourth and last post about strange things seen during this amazing trip in Val di Luce.

Funny snowmen…
Smiling snow

I am the King

Simply playing
A ski lift chair


Ice breaking teeth of a snow removal machine


Conversation between two ski helmets…


What? A sand bucket?!

Resort Val di Luce

A warm bath? :D

Hidden eye

See you next time – it’ll be your turn on the ski, baby… so say goodbye to your camera!!!

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A day on the snow 2 – People

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. This post is dedicated to people and their interaction with skiing tools and the nature.

Learning to snowboard_1

Learning to snowboard

Learning to snowboard

Together is better ;)

Help needed

Help needed?

Kissing the sunlight

Yes, we had hot temperatures on that day!

Heading to the cafè

Hard life… Ok, now let’s go for a drink…

Having relax

Or maybe let’s take a nap and go sunbathing… :D (I think she was the most photographed subject of the day)[to be continued...]
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A day on the snow 1 – Nature & Places

Reportage of a sunny and relaxing day on the snow. The place is called Val di Luce, in Northern Tuscany (Italy), near Abetone. Some pictures of this lovely skiing location…
Val di Luce Abetone

Gruppo montagne_Abetone

Mountains on the left

Comete immaginarie_Abetone

Seggiovia Val di Luce

One of the ski lift facilities. And two people on the top?? :D

Arcobaleno nelle nuvole Val di Luce

Mountains on the right. At sunset clouds were drawing a rainbow.

Ruscelli Val di Luce

Small river into the forest…

[to be continued...]

My Tate Modern Visions

It’s strange, when I visit a museum my feelings are fighting and I fear of taking photographs (when it is allowed) and rarely I do it. I don’t like stealing visions so freely. But this time, at Tate Modern, something changed, or maybe it was just a matter of WHERE I was and WHAT I saw.
This time I wanted to capture the interaction between people and art pieces.

People and museums

This picture is a perfect window on my photography dreams. I wanted to capture people standing, alone or not, inspired by certain cinematographic scenes, in order to represent the individuality of human beings even into a close group. And that’s the result.

People and museums


People and museums


Painting & sculpture linked.

People and museums


People and museums


Personally, I dislike the way photographs are exhibited into museums, but this is a long story…

People and museums


People and museums

Arno in piena, 13 novembre 2012

Arno River in spate, November 13th 2012

Ieri, 13 novembre 2012, saputo che l’Arno sarebbe stato in piena nel pomeriggio, ho preso la mia Kyra (il nome della mia reflex) e sono andata a vedere con i miei occhi il livello del fiume, prima a Pisa poi alla foce, a Marina di Pisa.

Yesterday, November 13th 2012. Once having known that Arno River would be in (almost) full spate in the afternoon, I took my Kyra (the name of my Reflex camera) to go and see with my true eyes the river’s level. First in Pisa center, then at the river’s mouth, in Marina di Pisa.

Arno river in spate, November 2012

Sotto il Ponte della Vittoria / Under Ponte della Vittoria

Arno river in spate, November 2012

La “sede” di Arnovivo / In Summer the area under the steps, here completely under water, is used by people to drink something and listen to concerts and DJ sets. This “bar” is called Arnovivo.

Arno river in spate, November 2012

Graffiti da ultras

Arno river in spate, November 2012

Ponte di Mezzo / One of the most famous bridge in Pisa, Ponte di Mezzo

Arno river in spate, November 2012

Arno river in spate, November 2012

High level !

Arno river in spate, November 2012

Arno river in spate, November 2012

Ponte della Fortezza / Bridge called Ponte della Fortezza

Arno river in spate, November 2012

Santa Maria della Spina

Arno river in spate, November 2012

Pescatori a Marina di Pisa / Fishermen in Marina di Pisa

Arno river in spate, November 2012

Alla foce / At river’s mouth

Arno river in spate, November 2012

Arno river in spate, November 2012

Infine, una versione notturna dell’Arno dal Ponte di Mezzo / Finally, Arno River by night from Ponte di Mezzo

Fiume Arno di notte, Pisa

Festival dell’Oriente / Orient Festival 2012 @ Carrara Fiere

My visions from Orient Festival 2012. It’s an event held mostly every year in Carrara, Tuscany, to reflect Middle East and East cultures and spread how deep and precious are they among Italian people.

Details from some stands…






Tibetan monk painting with colored sands… and patience!
I really appreciated the special stand for Mongolia, with a true yurt mounted into the hall and an exhibition including musical instruments, typical dresses, paintings representing a life on horses and few tools used to falconry rituals.


Beads and silk from Mongolia.



Neon Art

neon art tate modern

Neon Art photography. Location: the fantastic and inspiring Tate Modern museum in London!
Beyond other themes and works, which will be published in the next few weeks, I decided to grab the souls of these pale lights, as showing a parallel world of sparkling elements.

neon art tate modern london

Neon art is particularly appreciated in Russia and Eastern Europe countries. In Warsaw, Poland, you can even visit a Neon Museum.


And finally I tried to capture the swinging light tales of glowsticks bouncing into a disco cloud of smoke, dry ice and roaring music (below).

Street photography of street art!

I love London Portobello Road and its market, the colours, people walking and gazing old stuff on the stands…

Girl, you look amazing with your new Barbie car! :D

CCTV monster!

1937 to present: please help Spain!

Maybe a lamp style cup tonight?

Antique Clocks

I love old clocks, the magic perfection of mechanical pieces, springs and hands, touching one another together to speak the language of time.
I took these photographs during my visit to British Museum and Greenwich few weeks ago, then post-edited applying “time-machine” effect. If you are generally an old-school, history lover, you surely appreciate them ;)

 This clock panel is part of the exposition into Greenwich Observatory. A paradise for clock lovers, as you can imagine…

 Another clock group from Greenwich Observatory. A must-see museum for science addicted!

These photographs are published also as part of my portfolio on www.marymillaft.com/photogallery