The Overlap Techique

digital photography techniques with levels

Merging of two photographs plus writings – street art on a photograph

I developed the Overlap Technique with some photographs I took at EX Tacheles Galerie in Berlin. I think it’s the most representative case of deterioration of imagination and freedom to do true art. Then, I wanted to celebrate this temple of genuine art the same days and month of its closure, which occurred in September 2012.

The Overlap Technique consists in digitally merging two or even more photographs together taking into consideration proportions, colors and positioning of things into the frame. Through these overlaps I try to create new associations of ideas, in this case all is connected to the sad and insane relationship between art and business.

I took inspiration by fading movie technique: I try to recreate fading into a single photograph, in particular freezing the moment in which the different scenes stand at their maximum visibility to convey the most powerful message. I also add writings, resulting in a sort of street art applied to photographs. The writings are taken from articles published on various magazines and blogs concerning the closure of this Art Center.

I’ll develop this technique in the future, also for more deep, lyrical and existential themes. Stay tuned ;)

La technique des superpositions – FRANCAIS

J’ai développé la technique des superpositions avec les photographes que j’ai pris chez la Galerie Tacheles à Berlin. Je pense que c’est le cas le plus représentative de la détérioration de l’imagination et de la liberté de faire de l’art véritable. J’ai voulu aussi célébré cette cathédral des idées pendent les mêmes jours et le même mois de sa fermeture, que s’est passé en Septembre 2012.
La technique des superpositions consiste en l’union entre deux ou même plusieurs photographes compte tenue des proportions, des couleurs et position des objets dans le cadrage. A travers des superpositions j’essaye de créer nouvelles associations des idées et dans ce cas tout est relié au triste rapport entre art et affaires.
Je me suis inspirée à la technique du montage fondu: j’ai voulu récréer un fondu dans une seule scène fixe, en particulier gelant les scènes dans le moment de maximum visibilité des photos, pour transmettre le message le plus fort. J’aime aussi ajouter des écritures: une sorte de art de la rue appliquée à la photographie. Les écritures ont été prises des différents articles et blogs concernant la fermeture de la Galerie Tacheles.

Kirlian Camera + Hocico @ Orion, Rome (IT)

Some photographs from concerts of Kirlian Camera and Hocico held in Orion club, Rome, Italy.

Kirlian Camera-Roma2-JPEG640X480FB

Elena Alice Fossi, beautiful singer of Kirlian Camera


Erk Aicrag, powerful singer of Hocico


Ottodix live show @ Exenzia Club (Prato, Italy) on Feb. 2nd, 2013. This live show was perfect to try some new top-secret techniques…….. :D
Enjoy, so far…
Ottodix (1)

Ottodix (8)

Ottodix (4)

Ottodix (7)

Ottodix (5)

Ottodix (6)

Ottodix (3)

Ottodix (2)

30 seconds

I definitely like shooting using long exposure. For those living in split seconds, such time amount is a whole life! Here I’m posting some results from an experiment, or a game to call it in a more proper way, which involved my Kyra, 28-135mm Sigma lens, a time range of 1 to 30 seconds, an aperture range of f/11 to f/18, ISO 200 and my crazy mind.
I had to wait for my bus, so I first sat into piazza Vittorio Emanuele II (location is Pisa) then at a bar table next to the street, a bridge and the Arno River (it was the same day of the river’s spate on November 13th 2012), sipping a hot espresso macchiato.


50mm f/11 @1sec

Above, the focus is on one of the most busy bus of Pisa: LAM BLU (the Blue LAM, the acronym stands for High Mobility Line, just in case some of you come and visit this city :D ).


28mm f/18 @8sec


34mm f/18 @30sec


38mm f/18 @20sec
I know this one above it’s a bit tilted, but I liked the dog so much I couldn’t discard it! :D


38mm f/18 @10sec


80mm f/16 @5sec – Title of this photograph: No escape


80mm f/10 @5sec


28mm f/18 @30sec
Above, Arno River as a golden silky ribbon. I really love this one. Another example of long exposure photography is the resulting photo which I set as header for this blog.
Some photographs are available also on my Official Website ( Hope you enjoy them!

Neon Art

neon art tate modern

Neon Art photography. Location: the fantastic and inspiring Tate Modern museum in London!
Beyond other themes and works, which will be published in the next few weeks, I decided to grab the souls of these pale lights, as showing a parallel world of sparkling elements.

neon art tate modern london

Neon art is particularly appreciated in Russia and Eastern Europe countries. In Warsaw, Poland, you can even visit a Neon Museum.


And finally I tried to capture the swinging light tales of glowsticks bouncing into a disco cloud of smoke, dry ice and roaring music (below).

EMILIE AUTUMN Show – March 31st, 2012 @ Auditorium Flog, Florence

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Gothika live show @ Foro Boario, Lucca – Italy

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